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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Being the New Face of Bulgari
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Being the New Face of Bulgari
Following the appointment of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the new face of historic jewelry house Bulgari, Savoir Flair caught up with the British beauty to get her thoughts on the new partnership, the brand, and its accessories.
“I’m very honored to be the Fall/Winter 2016 Accessories Ambassador for Bulgari, a brand that I have always loved for its heritage and everything it represents. To me, Bulgari is savoir-faire combined with exceptional stylistic research that could only be Italian. When I wear Bulgari jewels, a bag, or sunglasses, I realize each time how much they add in terms of beauty and allure,” commented Rosie on the appointment.
What does this brand mean to you?
Bulgari has cultivated a passion for experimentation, marking the history of jewelry, and an unmistakable taste for color. A Bulgari bag is immediately recognizable; it has a signature, a personality.
Bulgari RHW
What’s your favorite item from the latest Bulgari handbag and eyewear collection?
I adore my nude ‘Serpenti Forever’ bag with black onyx stones. It’s the perfect transitional bag from day to night. It’s elegant, cool, and unique. The Bulgari Fall/Winter 2016 accessories collection is emboldened by the charismatic soul of the jeweler and captures the audacious spirit of the brand that I love. The eyewear designs are formed of rich volumes and graceful structures. The Bulgari ‘Serpenti’ multicolor enamel sunglasses are my favorite, a fashion-forward style yet inspired by decades of glamour.
Do you wear jewelry every day or only on special occasions? If so, what do you usually wear?
I have a few special personal pieces that I never take off. One of my favorite pieces is a vintage ‘Serpenti’ watch.
What is your earliest jewelry memory? What was the first piece of jewelry you received?
My mother worked in a jewelry shop for many years. I remember her always showing me the amazing estate jewelry pieces in the catalogues that were going to auction. I think that’s probably how I first learnt of Bulgari. I also remember my mother giving me a little silver bear pendant that I still have to this day. It’s not worth any money, but to me it’s priceless, because as a young girl I treasured it with all my heart.
What’s your philosophy?
Having a positive attitude is the most powerful tool you can possess!

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